This site lists the records chosen for The Chain, a feature of BBC 6 Music’s fabulous Radcliffe & Maconie Show.

This might seem an odd thing to point out but, looking at the search records, it’s not immediately obvious to everyone: the first record on The Chain was… The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.

The Radcliffe & Maconie Show, including The Chain, was on Radio 2 until 23rd March 2011 before starting again on BBC 6 Music on 4th April 2011. On 23rd August 2012, the BBC stopped maintenance of their own Chain archive and started linking to this site instead. If I’ve done anyone at the Beeb out of a job, I can only apologise. I love the Beeb and happily pay my bargainous licence fee without a grumble.

If you’re a fellow Chainee but I haven’t yet put your name up in lights, please post a comment with your name and location on the relevant page or pages. I am indebted to David Newland for helping to fill some of the gaps by providing his own records.

A couple of disclaimers:

  1. Please don’t expect this site to always be bang up to date. Sometimes there’s a lag of a day or two, maybe more. Usually I manage to catch up within 24 hours of the last link, though.
  2. The dates assigned to the earlier tracks in The Chain are wrong. I’m not exactly sure when it went wonky but probably from about link 1000 back. Sorry about that. I’ll correct the dates as soon as I’ve fixed my Tardis.

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